Top 5 Ways to Get Organized

if youre the kind of person (ahemm like me) who has a lot of trouble getting organized then read on!

1) Write Stuff Down

statistics show that when you write it down, youre more willing to do what youve written down!

2) Keep a Planner

having a planner can help with that 1st step! organizing your appointments in a nice little compact planner can really save you the hassle of trying to remember important dates later!

3) Color Coding

this may sound abit OCDish but this really helps draw your eye to one important thing at a time and not a bunch of memos your wrote all at once! its a bit more organizing but time consuming.

4) Post-it Notebook


this little book full of different sized post it notes come in handy for those quick memos you need to make in a textbook or need to write a grocery list or give someone your phone number or email! great thing to have in your purse or wherever! you can find this at walmart or any local office store!

5) Dont Loose Your Groove

once you make the effort to keep organized, STAY organized! dont slowly creep back to your unorganized way! stay with it!

thanks for reading everyone! and as always…. stay fabulous! ❤


REVIEW: Salon Express Nail Stamping Kit!


hello everyone! im here with my first review on this “as seen on TV” product for all you nail designing addicts!

i apologize for the glare and the dirty scraper! i had to rearrange it in the package because i forgot to take a picture before opening the package… anyway!

1) The Contents


the contents in this package is 1 scraper, a double sided stamper (a small side and a broader side), 5 design plates, and a plate holder.

2) My Thoughts On The Product

this product isnt a Konad but definitely worth 10$  but you gotta know how to use it. cheap polishes will definitely not work and the image doesn’t transfer on the stamper nice and crisp unless you have thicker polish or more expensive polish.. you dont want a watery, cheap kind of polish that requires multiple coats to put on anyway.

i recommend the revlon brand if your going for the cheapest good quality polish:


if your a beginner in nail stamping then this is a great product to start off with! 10$ at your local walmart, michaels, or target.

this was not a detailed review but if you would like a video demonstration or have any questions feel free to comment!! and as always… stay fabulous<3


Ways I Cope with the Common Cold!

if you’re like me, then you absolutely despise the taste of cold medicine! i hate the taste, smell, flavors, and everything else about it. the package says it tastes like bubble gum but it tastes like shhhh…. shoes. here are a couple ways i cope!

1) Fresh Air

yes! believe it or not, if you stay in that heated house of yours all day, the germs multiply! heat causes germs to multiply faster! and nice cold breath of air will feel amazing and refreshing! at least for me it does.

2) Stuffy Nose/Runny Nose? Massage Those Points!

your nose has two special massage points that when you massage them for 10 seconds, it will help relieve a stuffy nose! it works great for me! here is the link to instructions on how to do this special trick….  http://www.mind-energy.net/archives/90-Get-rid-of-stuffy-or-runny-nose-fast-without-drugs.html


now when i have a cold, vicks comes with me EVERYWHERE. rub it on around your nostrils and inhale the vapors to relieve a stuffy nose and rub some on your chest to ease coughing. my own little family trick is to boil some water until its super hot, put a spoonful of vicks in it, put a blanket over you and the bowl of boiling water and inhale through your nose while exhaling through your mouth. and make sure you open the blanket here and there to get some fresh air! try it!

4) Hydrate Yourself!

remember to drink a lot of water to avoid dry throats and to keep your system clean! add some lemon juice to your water to wash out all those nasty germs!

those are some personal remedies i use guys! i hope this helps and remember to keep alot of travel tissues you get from the store for easy access for blowing your nose! girls keep em in your purse and guys in your pockets! stay fabulous ❤


The Hassles Of Traveling Abroad!!

okay, i just had to touch on this topic.

i live in the chicago area (like an hour away from the city) and me and my family want to visit india sometime in june during my summer break (my parents were born in india and bla bla bla). in order to do that, we all need visas for our passports. soooo we went online filled out ALL the annoying paperwork for ALL 4 four of us! (pretty long process.. im talking hours).

the office to drop all this off is in chicago so we pack some snacks and i bring my essential electronics like phone, ipad, ipod and all that jazz and im like “WOOO YAY CHICAGO!”. we drive the hour long period to get there and take 45 minutes to find some parking and we arrive at the office.

The guy at the counter tells us that they’ve started a new process in developing the visas and we need to redo all the forms and in addition to that, fill out more!! like seriously dude? really? WHY NOT PUT THIS ON YOUR WEBSITE?! i mean the old process was long enough! they now have specific times on when they take forms without appointments and we would have to wait like 7 hours!

sooooo we had to drive home and that was that. WHAT A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME! i was excited to wander the city while waiting for them to process the forms like we always do! but no. we drove an hour only to find out we did it all wrong because we were never informed in the first place!

comment on some annoying traveling experiences! id love to hear em! stay fabulous everyone ❤


Top 5 90’s Toys I LOOOVED!

i was the kinda kid who would have a closet full of toys. like literally i would have basket fulls! i would just ask my dad to buy me everything and he would spoil me! now that im older, i dont get spoiled as much but i used to love these!

1) Furbys

now who didnt love these! im not talking about the newer ones but the ones that were like from the 90’s! i used to sleep with mine and just talk to it because i loved it so much! i would imitate the crazy little language they speak in and it was basically my best friend haha!

2) Littlest Petshop Digital World

now this thing! i loved so much! it made me feel like a mother and you know how much a little girl loves feeling like she has a thing to take care of and how much it makes her feel older! this think was just so cute and i would lug it around with me on my backpack or my lunchbox and play with it during recess! it fascinated me how you can put the brush in this little slot and it actually combed the digital pets hair (but now i know it was a button that i couldve just pressed with my finger)! this thing was just fabulous!

3) Tamagotchi

of course i had to put this one on the list! i actually still have mine from when i was like 10 haha! i had the blue music star one and i looooved playing with it! it felt like a whole world right in your hand (i mean this thing was tiny). you got to take care of your little pet, feed it and buy it things while making it a successful music star! it even had a code where you can play with it in an online world (sadly they closed down that website). but these things were beyond adorable! every little kid should have one!

4) Hit Clips Radio


now this i never had but my best friend at the time had one! i wanted one so bad but my dad said nooo way because i had already had so many toys! but all the hottest singers had their own “hit clip” and all you would do was plug it in the radio and jam out! but now all the little kids have their own ipod touches and iphones…

5) Lite Brite

now if your a 90’s kid like me… you just had to have one of these! i asked santa for one on christmas and i got one! i was making creative little light drawings all night under my blanket in the dark! this one is a classic 90’s kid toy!

i hope this made you smile at your childhood as much as it made me smile writing this post! stay fabulous everyone ❤


My Top 5 Photo Apps!

i take a lot of pictures! and i dont always have my camera handy so i use my iphone. and since im an instagram junkie (one of the apps ill talk about), i want my pictures looking fabulous! here are the ones i use most often to give a somewhat professional look to my iphone pictures.

1) Aviary

aviary is a great little app to enhance the look to your photo! its totally free unless you want abit more effects but the ones they have already for you are great. you can do almost anything with the photo like crop, enhance it, change the brightness, and even the orientation (which is great because i hate when my iphone flips my selfies)! got a pesky little zit or dark circles under your eyes?  this app comes with a handy little blemish tool to brush away those flaws here and there! you can also add text and make memes! overall, its a great little free app and it wont disappoint!


theres a reason i put this one in all caps! this is an amazing photo sharing app and not to mention super popular! instagram has millions of users that share their life and interests via photos. snap a picture, choose one of the many filters that come with it, and share! you can find your friends with your facebook and follow each other too! and one more thing… its totally free!

3) Split Pic

split pic is such a fun little photo app to play with! its also free unless you want to invest in more layouts for your pictures. its basically an app where you can clone yourself! select a timer, position the camera how you want it and be creative! it also lets you post it straight to popular social networking sites including instagram, twitter and facebook straight from the app itself!

4) Picstitch

picstitch is a definite must have! if you want to make quick and easy collages of your friends or something on the go, this is definitely the app to use! its quick and simple! choose the layout you want, and add pictures. you can even put effects on the pictures like in aviary and it comes with the blemish tool as well! its free unless you want more layouts available to you but the layouts given are enough for me! try it out!

5) Color Effects


color effects is beyond one of my favorites if you want to make your pictures dramatic and artistic as if taken from an actual professional camera! it lets you gray out parts of the picture and make only certain colors pop like in the pics above! you can get really artsy with this and the sky is the limit! its free which is the best part!

well i hope this post made you wanna download some of these! ill talk to you all soon<3 stay fabulous!