Ways I Cope with the Common Cold!

if you’re like me, then you absolutely despise the taste of cold medicine! i hate the taste, smell, flavors, and everything else about it. the package says it tastes like bubble gum but it tastes like shhhh…. shoes. here are a couple ways i cope!

1) Fresh Air

yes! believe it or not, if you stay in that heated house of yours all day, the germs multiply! heat causes germs to multiply faster! and nice cold breath of air will feel amazing and refreshing! at least for me it does.

2) Stuffy Nose/Runny Nose? Massage Those Points!

your nose has two special massage points that when you massage them for 10 seconds, it will help relieve a stuffy nose! it works great for me! here is the link to instructions on how to do this special trick….  http://www.mind-energy.net/archives/90-Get-rid-of-stuffy-or-runny-nose-fast-without-drugs.html


now when i have a cold, vicks comes with me EVERYWHERE. rub it on around your nostrils and inhale the vapors to relieve a stuffy nose and rub some on your chest to ease coughing. my own little family trick is to boil some water until its super hot, put a spoonful of vicks in it, put a blanket over you and the bowl of boiling water and inhale through your nose while exhaling through your mouth. and make sure you open the blanket here and there to get some fresh air! try it!

4) Hydrate Yourself!

remember to drink a lot of water to avoid dry throats and to keep your system clean! add some lemon juice to your water to wash out all those nasty germs!

those are some personal remedies i use guys! i hope this helps and remember to keep alot of travel tissues you get from the store for easy access for blowing your nose! girls keep em in your purse and guys in your pockets! stay fabulous ❤


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